Friday, December 23, 2016

2016's final blog

2016's final blog

I know I haven't written in months and for that, I am sorry. I'm new to blogging, journalling about myself and it comes hard. I'm a fairly private person except for my books and my doctor and now he's gone and I have to figure out how to start all over again with a new one. Kind of like this year. It's technically  gone - a week left - and I have to figure out how to start all over again with a new one.

Especially with the new President coming in. He's not my President, I'll never acknowledge that and if I lose a bunch of you to that, too bad. He's rotten to the core, that's all I'll say about politics on this page, and that I will miss the Obama's something awful. No scandals in family or office, the first President to have that in... decades. Goodbye, best President ever, best First Lady ever since Jackie Kennedy. 

Since I was last on with all of you I managed to pound out a new novel. Oh, it's done but it's not finished, if you know what I mean. I have places to fill in, places to change, places to smooth out, but the story is basically done. Finished. All the big stuff is done. That is part of the reason why i've not been on, the other reason is that I developed a severe depression. It was so bad I couldn't write, edit or even read and other  books. I pretty much laid around and did only what I had to. Since the book was written, I didn't have to worry about that, Earth Maid 8 wasn't going anywhere since my artist Marija was having a melt down as well and couldn't do any drawing at the moment. This cover is proving to be a hard one; we're not even halfway done yet and we're on the 4th attempt. Marija is feeling better; I'm between not and there, so not a lot is getting done there. I did send the next step; I just don't know how long it will take before it comes back and I see if it meets my requirements or not.

Now I don't know what I was going to say next; the phone rang and I had to deal with a mini crisis. Nothing big, just one friend to another and I'm the go-between. I don't mind, it's nothing that will hurt anything, in fact, it helps. So I solve a problem and talk to two people I love. But it totally blows out what I was going to say next here. Anyone else have that problem?

So I'm binge-watching Dr. Who while I edit and write this. Sunday is the newest show, the Christmas special and I'm eager for it. Usually the writing is good but lately I'm confused by what they put in some of it. I guess my brain is getting old or else the writers are taking more licence with the show than they used to. I dunno which, but I still enjoy most of  it. 

What are  your plans for the holidays? Rushing about to fulfil financial obligations, spending 5 months worth of wages for gifts for family and friends? Going out of town to spend time with family in a quiet celebration? Single family? Full family? Different holidays than other people do? or Church, no matter who your god is? Well, I hope all is well for you, that you have a fulfilling holiday time and a good New Year celebration, whenever that comes about, for I know it's not just Jan 1 for a lot of people. In a world where hate is reasserting itself, we must come together and accept the cultural differences our neighbors have. So may your days be good, your rituals be right and your nights be restful. And may your love always be strong, for everyone who comes your way.

Goodness to all of you,
Taborri Walker